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Real-time requests tracker

Simply-track automates the process of requesting documents and creates an unbelievable user experience. Our solution is providing a secure one-stop-shop cloud platform that allows you and your clients to streamline the gathering of documents provided by your clients.
By doing so, you will significantly reduce the time spent on managing these tedious tasks and create a great user experience for your clients. It is simple, comprehensive, and affordable.
Thanks to Simply-track, you have now access to a tool which allows you to compete with the largest players in the market.

Time saving

Because your work is hard enough, spending time to reconcile your received documents or chasing clients can be a real problem.

Simply-track saves you a significant amount of time, especially when you don’t have much of it. Save up to 40 hours our large or complex projects.

Additionally, setting up your project takes only a few minutes.

Simply-track is here to manage tedious tasks so your team can focus on what matters.


Simply-track is a perfect fit for any project size, from a one man job to a global and complex project.

Track and keep

With Simply-track, you will always have a clear view of your project flow. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do, and the deadlines are clear and formalized.

In addition, with live reporting available on any devices, you and your team will always be on the same page.

if you ever need to come back to a previously archived project, Simply-track keeps all the needed information just for you, safe and ready for when you need it.

For recurring projects, Simply-track also provides you the lists of the documents that where matched with similar requests on previous projects. With meaningful and easily accessible information, your team will strive.

Boost customer satisfaction

You clients will love the simplicity and the clarity of Simply-track. Say goodbye to duplicated requests or lost documents. Give your client access to live reporting and tailored requests.

Easy to use​

Simply-track is easy to use and very guided, any of your team member can create new project in a few clicks that fit exactly your needs. In addition, an interactive help center with videos and detailed instructions in how to use each of Simply-track's features.

Need additional support?

Our team is available to answer any of your questions. 

Do you want to see how Simply-track will help your organization?

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