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Documents exchanges

Upload one or more files with a simple drag and drop. Safeguards are in place to ensure that documents can only be downloaded by rightful team members. Once the documents are approved; change their status, and move on to the next ones.


Everyone can see the progress of the workflow at the same time.



Upload documents safely. Documents are encrypted and transferred in a GDPR compliant server. Documents are encrypted at rest while in this secure server.


Have piece of mind with the document access management embedded into our platform. Easy and secure; you avoid unwanted sharing of your documents, public or confidential, with our unique process of dynamic rights.



Download one or more documents, depending on your needs. Smart filters allow you to only view the documents you need and ensure a smooth process of document review.



Once reviewed, you can change the status of your requests and chat with your team, using private comments, or with your clients, via our chat or using public comments. Everyone sees the progress of your project in real time, for further clarity.

More Features

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