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Dynamic requests list

Integrate Simply-track for seamless, hassle-free communication with your clients. Our software places all your requests in a single, collaborative location.


Features such as real-time updating and team access management keep projects on time and eliminate miscommunications. This ensures that your team focuses on productive work, rather than being frustrated by outstanding-item reconciliations. 


In a few minutes, request one or more new document(s), include supporting elements if needed, and connect with your clients to make sure that the requests are understood.


​As your project progresses, you and your team can update the requests list to ensure that it is accurate and current. In addition, automated updates are handled by Simply-track to ensure that everyone is working with the same information.


​Flexible filters are available, which help your team efficiently access to the right information. Accessing the requests list can also be done via quick links for smart filters of your requests list.


The requests list is also where you and your clients can exchange documents and comments about the requests.

@mention users when you want to make sure that your point is heard, chat with your teams and your clients in order to keep track of everything that happens in your project.

As some comments are not meant to be shared with your clients, we built private fields. This allows you to make comments to everyone or just a select few, all in the same requests list.

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