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Easy communication

Improve your communication with clients by using our embedded chat or by leaving comments on specific requests, adding both easy clarification and important direction.

Use private comments sections dedicated to your teams without having to keep a separate internal list.



Simply-track comes with a built-in chat feature connected to each request. Communication is clear and traceable.

Mention the team @members when you want to make sure they receive your comment. Mentioning team members is easy and dynamic.


Use the prebuilt comments area or create your own. You can create comments fields and rearrange them for all your needs, allowing you to track all your exchanges and ensure that everyone is equally informed.

Write comments to everyone in your project or only to your team.

One place for all your communication needs. 

Notification center

Notifications are sent to the appropriate party and based on live data. Avoid repetition with our reminders tracker, making sure to only send notifications to the appropriate group.


Need to track those reminders?

You can manage which team members are included in those emails. 

More Features

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