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Secure platform


To ensure that our clients are safe when using Simply-track, we have dedicated a significant amount of effort into building a secure, GDPR compliant, environment for Simply-track, used for the documents it stores and the data transfers.

Simply-track successfully underwent a SOC2 Type 1 report; which is an independent examination of the fairness of presentation and the suitability of the design of the controls relevant to the security and confidentiality of the customer data processed by Simply-track.


Secure servers​


The data and documents are stored in highly secure servers and backed up every day. The servers are in GDPR approved locations.

Safe access​


Access is limited to approved users, two factor authentications are required, and data is restricted by your own team. 

Data encrypt​ion


Stored data and documents are encrypted at rest. The accesses are compliant with SOC 2 and GDPR rules.

Secure transfer​


Documents are transferred via secure transfer protocols and encryption of critical data points.

More Features

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