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A new wave of resume for data analysts

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

A few days ago, I have looked at a couple of LinkedIn posts and realized that about 5-10% of my feeds are comprised of resume of some sorts. Three different types of resume seem to exists and used nowadays 1) traditional PDF 2) an innovative video 3) their own website.

I believe that all of them have their pros and cons. Obviously, depending on your job search, some of them might be more logical to use than others.

I was thinking about how cool it could be for data analysts to actually leverage their skills? Since it is always easier to work out of something that exists already, I have decided to build a template that was based solely on my LinkedIn profile using Data Studio.

After looking back at it, it looked pretty cool, so I decided to post it here. the only limitation I had was to keep it in one page … Like the result? Curious? Interested? Willing to post your own? The sky (or cloud ;) ) is the limit.

Check it out directly on Data Studio for an optimal performance (using Google Chrome is recommended):

Want more information?

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